Norsk versjon av denne siden

Scientology's funny photos

Rune Henning Johansen,

Foreningen Redd Individet

Version, April, 29th, 2005


One of the funny things with Scientology is the study of how they are manipulating pictures:
My own little contribution to these investigations is from the Norwegian issue of What is Scientology?

On two of the very first pages I found a large picture, probably from October, 1993. It seems to be many people there, suspiciously many! Let's take a look at the rectangle down to the right:

It seems like a whole section has been pasted into the picture:

This is not so easy the see. But let's take a look at one detail:

The people to the left of the line, are small and in darkness. To right the people are bigger, in brighter light and seated higher up than those to the left! The more you study this, the stranger it becomes. But this could be a result of special lights or that a section of the floor is higher up than the rest. Let us in stead study some very clear examples of manipulations.

I think the following examples speaks for themselves:

Here we have two independent manipulations. I think the originals are to the left.

The original is probably to the left.

Here it is rather difficult to decide what's the original and what's the copy.

There are at least three more manipulations in the picture ...

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